Climate change does not know borders nor do we!
Article published on 18 October 2019
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Every year people of all over Europe take part in Ende Gelände and support our fight for the immediate end of coal and for climate justice. They, too, make Ende Gelände one of the biggest disobedient actions against climate change in Europe. By the participation in the CJA network and skill share with our international friends we try to give back some of that support. Additionally, we supported for the last two years some projects in a special way with our Ende Gelände Goes Europe (EGGE) campaign. We offered mobilization from Germany through our media channels and in-depth skill share to four exciting projects: in 2018 we focused on Code Rood (NL) and Limity Jsme My (CZ) and in 2019 on the Power Beyond Borders Camp (UK) and the Climate Camp Venice (IT).

With more and more cool climate justice actions emerging in Europe, we want to open up the process of how to become part of EGGE. So, if your climate justice camp/action wants the support of Ende Gelände in 2020 just get in contact with us. We offer mobilization to your action/camp via the media channels of Ende Gelände and will support and share skills in the run to your action. We expect in exchange that one of you joins the International Working Group of Ende Gelände to ensure good flow of information back and forth and that you have some extra space on your camp/action for us.

Interested? Please send us an outline of your plans for 2020 until the end of November 2019. Please include who you are, on what topic you work and why, what will be your action, when will it take place and what kind of skill share you need most. The decision which actions/camps we will support in 2020 will be made on the consideration which action/camp we can support best and could profit most. This includes that the timing must be compatible with the plans of EG itself for 2020. Unfortunately, this decision will not be made before December 2019. There will be a preliminary selection by the International Working group and the final decision will be taken by Ende Gelände in December 2019 or January 2020.

You can contact the International Working Group via mail (international@ende-gelaende.org) and we will be also present at the CJA meeting in Bratislava.

Your International Working Group of Ende Gelände

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