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Dear all, With someone from Extinction Rebellion UK I’m organising a kind of think-tank meeting "Civil resistance strategies for climate (...)
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Article published on 13 January 2020
C’était une affirmation de Mustafa Kemal, le militaire qui dirigea la Turquie de 1923 à sa mort, en 1938. La Turquie, après la guerre de 14-18 faite (...)
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Article mis en ligne le 2 décembre 2018
dernière modification le 1er décembre 2018
In April 1975 the “Smiling Sun” logo was designed by Anne Lund in dialog with fellow activist Søren Lisberg, then 21-year-old activists within the (...)
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Article published on 9 March 2012
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Ecologie / Ökologie / Ecology
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Klimawandel Gobalisierung
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No to nuclear power
No to nuclear power in Britain The origin of Britain’s civil nuclear programme is closely linked with nuclear weapons. The first reactor - the (...)
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Solidarität / Solidarity/ Solidarité
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Smiling Sun History
Published on 9 March 2012
“Jai Jagat” : On the Move for Justice and Peace
Published on 22 May 2018
Streets of plenty
Published on 13 April 2019
Plowshares-like action in Germany
Published on 16 July 2018
Nevada Desert Experience in the Nuclear Age
Published on 13 July 2018

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