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Civil Disobedience in the climate justice movement in Europe
Article published on 4 August 2018
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Dear all,

We, Sabine and Laura from “System Change, not Climate Change - Austria”, are working on a (semi-academic) book on Civil Disobedience in the climate justice movement in Europe. We will have about four theoretical contributions by academics on the history, development and ethics of Civil Disobedience, but we also want to share some “oral history” of our struggles. So we are looking for about ten contributions (about 5 A4 pages in length) from groups that have engaged in Civil Disobedience all across Europe.
You can find the synopsis of the book attached here.

If you or someone in your group would like to write a contribution to this book, please get in touch for more details!
The book will be published in German in 2019 and there might be a translation to English at a later point. We’d prefer it if you could write your contribution in German or English, but we can also manage French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

These practical parts of the book do not need to be of academic style. You are very free in how and what exactly you write, but here are some questions to help you focus:

Who are you and what topic are you working on?
What actions of Civil Disobedience have you done?
Where they a success or a failure? Why?
Why did you choose to engage in Civil Disobedience?
What other tactics of protest did you use before?
What are you doing alongside your actions of Civil Disobedience now? (Demonstrations, press work, education…. )
How was/is the reaction to the Civil Disobedience? (by press, the public, police/state...)
Who are you protesting for? (your own rights, nature, other people….)
Did/do you have a conscious discussion about violence/nonviolence? What does violence mean to you/”how far” are you willing to go?

The deadline for the submission is the end of October (September, if you can manage).
If you are interested and/or want more information, feel free to contact us!

We are looking forward to hearing from you! Laura and Sabine

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